Working Remotely During COVID-19

Your Mental Health & Well-Being 
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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is presenting new and unique major challenges. We are  navigating unchartered waters with this virus making it important to find new ways to work and interact while also taking care of our mental health and well-being.
Many are teleworking full-time for the first time, isolated from co-workers, friends and family. Our daily living routines are disrupted causing added anxiety, stress and strain physically, mentally, and financially. It is completely natural for this disruption and uncertainty to lead to anxiety and stress. Now more than ever, we all must take care of our mental health and well-being. As we protect ourselves
against potential exposure to the Coronavirus, keep in mind that social distancing does not mean social isolation. This resource provides practical tips on taking care of our mental health and well-being.

How do I maintain my health & wellness?

* Keep a regular schedule
* Stay connected 
* Keep your immune system strong
* Prioritize personal hygiene & limit contact with others
* Exercise & stay active
* Get fresh air
* Stay informed
* Limit media consumption
* Set boundaries on work schedule
* Distract & redirect
* Get creative
* Continue treatment & medication
* Responding to symptoms of COVID-19
* Recognize warning signs & triggers: 
* Engage your support network: 
* Show empathy & be available: 
* Stay connected with communication & 
meeting tools
* Recognize the impact of isolation & loneliness
*Encourage online training
Check in with your EAP & Health Plan

How can you do all of this?

With the help of Mind Connection Healing.

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