Create a New Life

Learn how Mind Connection Healing can
help you overcome habitual thinking, procrastination and the fear of change. During the workshop you will design your future and feel empowered to realize your dreams. 
HOW YOU WILL create a new LIFE

Set yourself free from the past, dare to dream and move forward

This course will help you heal your past disappointments, get energized, beat procrastination, and use your strengths to realize your dreams. 
Throughout this interactive and creative workshop you will

  • Discover how your mind-chatter is blocking you from becoming what you aspire to be 
  • Transform habitual negative  behavioral patterns into deliberate and effective action
  • Imagine and design a new life for yourself 
  • Learn how to commit and stick to your schedule everyday
  • Enjoy your journey 
  • Empower yourself with an effective tool that you can use throughout your life

Course reviews

Mind Connection Healing let me dare to dream, and I guess that was all I needed. Quitting my job became just another step in the project plan, and for the first time  I am enjoying myself while earning money. 
Sandra W.
Freelance Graphic Designer
A few months ago, I started every morning with anxiety and despair. Positive possibilities escaped me. During this workshop I cleared a number of emotions that held me back. It became possible to see new options and make better choices. I now rely on my own strength, resilience and imagination. I feel happier!
Simon H.
Marketing Manager

Kenzie Q Adams

Kenzie Q Adams began her healing journey almost 20 years ago.
She has helped and empowered thousands of women overcome their everyday challenges, relationship and business conflicts causing emotional blockages and witnessed them achieve a joyful presence in life. Her therapies and healing case studies have been collected in the book “The Power of the Healing Field” by her loving husband Peter Mark Adams.
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