Mind Connection Healing for Beginners

2-Day Live Training Workshop on Zoom 

May 20-21, 2023
9 am PST 
5 pm GMT

Discover how a proven 3-step process
can help you overcome everyday stress
and create more joy in life 
how you wıll transform your lıfe

Overcome everyday challenges, emotional blockages and
their root causes to experience
more joy in your life

This course will help you discover what your mind can achieve, setting a strong healing intention and transforming your limiting beliefs, emotional blockages and their root causes.
Throughout this interactive and fun workshop you will

  • Discover how you can train your mind to set a healing intention
  • Learn where to start your healing journey and how to identify issues
  • Experience how to use your body to discover harmful emotions you may hold
  • Empower yourself to better deal with your intentional or unintentional resistance to healing
  • Try five different ways of healing with MCH
  • Discover how you can use MCH for past events, traumas, beliefs, and repeating patterns in your life
  • Learn how to evaluate your progress and identify signs of healing

What's included?  Course Content

  • Live Workshop : 2x4 hours
  • Live follow up : 3 hours
  • Training manual
  • Members group

Max 20 participants

    • Participants do not share their issues. They practise the technique privately
      Please do not come off antidepressants without consulting your doctor

Who cannot join the training?

  • People under 18
  • People who suffer from any kind of psychosis (bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc) 
  • Drug and alcohol addiction sufferers

Day 1

  • MCH: How it works
  • Consciousness and energy body
  • Body awareness 
  • How the events in our life and our beliefs are related
  • How do we define "The Mind" in this system
  • The MCH Healing intention
  • Five ways to practice MCH
  • How to define a problem
  • How to determine and clear the resistance to heal
  • The indications of healing
  • Implanting positive point of view 

Day 2

  • MCH for past events that caused emotional trauma
  • MCH for negative beliefs, life strategies, outdated decisions
  • Distance healing for others
  • MCH for food addictions
  • Pain and diseases with energetic origin
  • Mother wound and MCH
  • Using MCH for anxiety
  • MCH for future events and goals
  • Where to begin?
  • Timeline  work and exercises 

Follow up session

  • 7-10 days after the training 
  • Questions 
  • MCH exercises 

Course reviews

I started with my childhood issues and did the 3-step process everyday. Two months later, my doctor confirmed that my autoimmune disease had gone!
Banu B.
Management Consultant
Whatever I did, I could not lose weight, because of my late night snacks. With mind connection healing, I simply gave up this habit and lost 7 kg. in just four weeks.
Aysha N.

Kenzie Q Adams 

Kenzie Q  Adams is an experienced healer and trainer in the area of energy psychology and energy work. She is the designer of the Mind Connection Healing process. She has been providing workshops, training and one-on-one sessions for thousands of professional women, leaders and artists for over twenty years. 
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