MCH for Professionals

Discover how Mind Connection Healing
can help you overcome workplace and
career challenges such as anxiety, irritability, 
bullying and burnout.

Engage your strengths and move forward with confidence using MCH

This course will help you manage and heal your work-related stress and transform your inner chatter based on old limiting beliefs. You will learn how to relieve your exhaustion, frustration and anxiety and add contentment into work hours. 
Throughout this interactive  workshop you will

  • Discover how your beliefs are shaping your day to day interactions with your colleagues
  • Uncover and transform the root causes of your concerns
  • Identify and put your strengths into action
  • Understand and improve your communication style
  • Avoid burnout by overcoming perfectionism
  • Armour yourself  against bullying
  • Empower yourself with an effective tool that you can use throughout your life

What's included?

MCH for Beginners 
course plus:

Five interactive workshops that enable you to transform your mind and behavior, not just learning "what to do".

In order to achieve this, we will use MCH intensively in order to heal from negative thoughts and emotions.

MCH for Beginners  

  • How to use Mind Connection Healing for yourself and others

  • The energy body, how it is disrupted and how it is triggered
  • The mind and the field 
  • How to release the negative effects of past events

Your belief system 

  • You can refresh and renew  your belief system at a deep level 
  • Your emotional needs in chidhood and adulthood
  • Understand your "schemas" and transform them utilising MCH

Your strengths 

  • Why they are the basis for your success and happiness
  • How to put them into action 
  • How to overcome resistance to change using MCH
  • Values and overcoming  inner conflict

Avoid or heal from Burnout

  • Burnout does not come upon you because of time constraints or heavy work load.
  • It happens because of perfectionism. 
  • In this workshop you will heal the burnout related issues and your need to be perfect.

Your communication style

  • Find out what your style is
  • Develop new communication habits using MCH
  • Become more assertive 
  • Become more tolerant by improving your empathy

Recover from Bullying

  • What is bullying, and what it is not
  • Identifying events that led up it
  • Healing wounds of mobbing and bullying
  • Moving forward with confidence

Kenzie Q Adams

Kenzie Q Adams began her healing journey over 20 years ago.
She has helped and empowered thousands of people overcome their everyday challenges, relationship conflicts, workplace problems, with various emotional blockages and witnessed them achieve a joyful presence in life. Her therapies and healing case studies have been collected in the book “The Power of the Healing Field” by her loving husband Peter Mark Adams.

Course reviews

The pandemic caused an array of chaotic days at the office and in the household.
If it wasn't for the 3-step process I would lose my temper at any moment. MCH lets me dissolve my stress and immediately calm down. 
Lisa G.
Event organizer 
I have been using MCH for over a year now. The workshop was an eye opener, because I found out that burnout was not due to my workload, but the belief system I had developed in my childhood. 
I have more energy now, and even my sons want to try it.
Sarah T.
IT, Human Resources 
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