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healing process
to develop 
a joyful
presence in life

Well-intended advice does not work. You need a working system.

People advise you to “relax and rest” and to “not worry so much”.
Of course you want to relax, but that’s not so easy.
You need a method that helps you release your anxiety, transform your mind and soothe your emotions.
Mind Connection Healing is a 3-step mental healing process that you can easily learn and integrate into your day to day life. You can instantly start freeing yourself from stress and anxiety - along with its root causes - and really be able to relax. Anywhere, anytime you like…
MCH will help you let go of your perfectionism or the self-doubt that is preventing you from living your life fully! 
It will balance your energy, help you recover quickly, leaving you energized and joyful, in no time.

Live Workshops

Join 5 hour live sessions with a group of like-minded people and discover how you can easily integrate this simple 3-step tool into your day to day life

Online Training

Join online video training and discover at your own pace how you can transform your negative beliefs and emotions to create a long-lasting contagious joy in your life.

 Joy Boosting Retreats

Immerse yourself in special weekend or week-long retreats where you can discover a holistic MCH approach that integrates Reiki, mindfulness and other energy therapies to create long-lasting joy in your life

Explore our LIVE online workshops and start experiencing more joy in your life

What you can achieve with this simple 
3 – Step healing process

Ease daily stress

With MCH you can discretely overcome any tension, anxiety, despair or negativity that you may face at home or at work. You can instantly start your healing wherever you are!

Change limiting beliefs and patterns

With MCH you can change your communication style, attachment issues or self-worth beliefs that limit the achievement of your goals. You can effectively liberate yourself and discover your real potential.

Transform adverse childhood memories

With MCH, you can easily heal your lifelong chronic stress by simply transforming your negative memories and emotions. You can simply start healing without reliving those painful emotions. 

Overcome resistance

With MCH you can empower your mind to overcome any resistance to healing that you might have. You can easily allow yourself to heal and defy the resistance to happiness.

Let go of your emotional baggage

With MCH, you can intuitively free yourself from any emotional blockages you may have. You can naturally start healing without having to analyze its root causes. 

Relieve chronic pain and health issues

With MCH, you can wipe out the emotional upset that is causing chronic pain or any other health issues. You can naturally support your healing process and bring more energy into your life.

Why is MCH unique?


The simple process will empower you to heal yourself, anywhere, anytime!


The intuitive process will help you discover your inner strength and see yourself in a new light!


The process helps you heal the root causes of your ongoing stress and enables long lasting results.

MCH for Beginners Course

May 20-21

9 am PST / 5:00 pm GMT 
Total 12 hours including a follow-up session

What MCH practitioners say 

Kenzie works wonders. I was able to heal my perfectionist side using MCH.
T.E.S. Senıor Marketıng 
I use Mind Connection daily, it is my only way to relax after a long day interacting with people and their writing. I am also planning to write a memoir about my healing journey using it.
T.D. publısher, radıo host
Working from home internationally has brought so many challenges in Covid-19 times.  Thank goodness I was equipped with this technique!
D.C. Electronıcal Engıneer, FMCG Sales Capabılıty manager  
Welcome to a new way of connecting to life!
I am an industrial engineer, and I love science and art. I completely changed my life in my 30s after an amazing encounter with energy healing and went on to become a pioneer in this field.
I’ve spent decades helping men and women with their relationship issues, career and workplace problems, and other problems that originate from their childhood traumas and mother wounds using energy psychology techniques. 

Recently I crafted a new and innovative technique: Mind Connection Healing. 
It is a proven system that delivers fast and effective stress relief and emotional transformation.

In my corporate workshops and training, the participants have effectively addressed and healed their problems related to corporate life, burnout, bullying, loss of zest for life, and sense of purpose.
By attending these workshops they empowered themselves, created a joyful presence for their families, and experienced life-changing transformations.

I’ve also dedicated myself to helping trainers and master practitioners who want to start their practice. We have a great community that continuously shares their healing journeys, and inspires and supports each other.
Mind Connection Healing is a timely insight and a gift for people, especially professionals and parents. It provides a compassionate connection for those who want to realize their potential and give back to their community and the world.

I live in Istanbul, Turkey with my beloved husband Peter Mark Adams, author of the book “The Power of the Healing Field” which consists of a collection of my healing cases over the years.
Our four cats and cocker spaniel have been both the subjects and assistants of our healing work and an infinite source of joy.
By the way, my original name is Gülcan Arpacıoğlu Adams but I use “Kenzie” to save everyone the struggle of pronouncing it.
So, tell me now, how are you? Are you ready to be happy? Do you want a simple, effective tool to transform your life and experience more joy? Mind Connection Healing process is here for you and everyone around you.
We will connect through our hearts,
Kenzie Q Adams
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Frequently asked questions

Can I integrate this technique into my everyday life?

Yes, you can easily integrate this technique with your family, kids and professional life.  

What can you offer that other stress relief techniques cannot? 

+ MCH doesn’t require you to re-experience tough emotions during the healing process
+ MCH resolves the origins of the problems and patterns of behavior, not just specific events or issues
+ MCH can also be effectively used for others through a distant healing process
+ MCH can support chronic pain and health issue treatments
+ MCH is fast and effective, saving you hours in some cases years of therapy
+ MCH achieves long-lasting results 

Where should I start?

+ If you’re simply curious and want to discover what your mind can achieve, come and join one of our free webinars!
+ If you’re ready to shine and bring more joy to your life, sign up for Mind Connection Healing for Beginners
+ If you’re ready to transform your life, sign up for Create a New Life and realize your dreams
+ If you want to be more engaged at work, get along better with colleagues, and improve your career avoiding burnout and psychological harassment, join a 6 week workshop series: MCH for Professionals
+ If you’re ready to experience a joyful motherhood and raise more resilient and joyful children sign up for Joyful Motherhood

I don't know how to meditate! I’ve tried and unfortunately I really can’t meditate. Will I still be able to use your technique?

Yes, absolutely! Meditation or similar mindfulness techniques are not necessary for MCH .

Is MCH same as tapping / EFT?

No, the main principle of MCH is quite different from tapping: We "install" a healing intention to our minds and activate it when we select a problem to resolve. Also MCH can be used in five different but complementary ways, one of which is tapping, but we do not hold on to the negative emotions.

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